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Call for Papers, Abstracts and Round Tables

Conference in Paris  

Conference Dates: May 21-22, 2015   


Professor Guenter Stahl

INSEAD and WU Vienna University of Economics and Business


Olivier Leclerc, Director

Open Innovation & Intrapreneurship



  Karen Nicholson, Manager

HR department,



 EMRBI Presidents:

 Prof. Yaakov Weber and Prof. Demetris Vrontis

 Conference Chair:

Prof. Hela CHEBBI

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Nature and Scope of the conference

 Globalization and other environmental changes make organizations reconsider various concepts and arrangements for improved performance. For example, executives have to consider HR practices not only for operation but also as strategic important tools for decision-makers and global companies. Thus, environmental dynamic brings various challenges such as cross-cultural management, implementation of various strategies including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, talent and executive management, leadership, corporate entrepreneurship, and more. For example, considering the high failure rate of various strategic and entrepreneurial activities, scholars and executives called for inclusion of HR practices in strategic consideration and executive decisions. The overall aim is to improve organizational performance (Stahl et al., 2010; Weber, 2013; Weber and Fried, 2011; Weber and Tarba, 2010).


 This conference aims to explore the various ways in which HR practices and strategic management may contribute to various organizational challenges in both international and domestic organizations. Papers may address (but are not limited to) the following issues:

  • HRM, innovation and entrepreneurship in domestic and international environments;
  • HR practices (training, communication, reward system, performance appraisal, etc.) and organizational performance;
  • Organizational leadership and strategic decision;
  • Strategic talent management in cross-cultural collaborations
  • National/corporate culture, global partnership and HR practices in the emerging markets;
  • International/comparative studies and measurements;
  • Social interactions and social learning in international contexts;
  • Training and career development in domestic and international mergers and acquisitions;
  • Managing diversity at top management teams;
  • Information system and HR practices;
  • HRM and marketing;
  • Consulting and Practitioners views.

Related activities:

  • In addition to the presentations, academic and executive round table discussions will take place.
  • Top 15-20 papers will be selected for publication in a book on HRM, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. Negotiation and application with leading publisher is currently taking place.

   Author Guidelines

  Please submit your paper(s), abstract(s) OR roundtable proposal(s) to and to Dr. Evangelos Tsoukatos at by strictly adhering to Author Guidelines (please visit

All manuscripts (including abstracts) will be double blind reviewed. All accepted papers and abstracts will be published in the Book of Proceedings (with an ISBN number).

For round table proposal, please indicate the subject/title, short description of the subject(s) for the discussion, and at least two executives and their company/organization that are interested and agreed to participate in the round table.

Submission Deadlines

*Submission deadline: December 15, 2014

Notification to authors (for the early submissions, up to Nov. 20, by December 20, 2014)

*Notification to others, January 20, 2015

*Registration early  bird: March 10, 2015



 Social Event

 A cocktail on the Seine River will be organized at the end of the first day of the conference






Organizing committee


  • Arnaud BANOUN, Associate professor, EDC Paris Business School
  • Hela CHEBBI, Associate professor, EDC Paris Business School
  • Delphine DAGNON, Assistant to the Research Center, EDC Paris Business School
  • Kathleen RANDERSON, Associate professor, EDC Paris Business School
  • Mohamed SELLAMI, Associate professor, EDC Paris Business School
  • Dorra YAHIAOUI, Assistant professor, Kedge Business School, Marseille.
  • Inju YANG, Associate professor, EDC Paris Business School


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Weber, Y. A comprehensive Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions Management: Integration and Implementation. Financial Times Press, New York, NY. 2014. 

Professor Yaakov Weber

Director, Research Unit

School of Business Administration

College of Management, Israel

President, EMRBI

EuroMed Research Business Institute